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    As an elder law attorney, Jan Pickett assists clients and their families to ensure that seniors have the best possible care. She focuses her practice on the type of care that she would want for her loved ones. At times, this involves enlisting other professionals such as geriatric care managers, social workers, financial planners and tax consultants.

    As an estate planning attorney, Jan Pickett helps you decide what is the best plan for you and your loved ones. Her focus is on what is best for each client and she does not take a cookie cutter approach to estate planning.

Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures that your assets pass in accordance with your wishes. It allows you to be the person in charge of the plan and makes it so much easier for your family members. You decide who gets your assets and who should be the executor of your estate.


Medicaid eligibility is a very confusing area of law, especially if you are in a crisis situation and your loved one needs unexpected long term care. There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding that it is hard for family members to determine if their loved one is eligible to receive benefits.


Simply put, probate is the process of transferring title to assets of the decedent to the rightful beneficiaries at the time of death. If the decedent had a Last Will and Testament, probate will ensure that the assets are passed to the beneficiaries named therein. If there are only limited assets, a shortened version of probate, called a Muniment of Title, may be available.


Guardianship is a legal process designed to protect vulnerable persons from abuse, neglect (including self-neglect), and exploitation. Guardianship provides for the person’s care and management of his or her money while preserving, to the largest extent possible, that person’s independence and right to make decisions affecting his or her life.